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The Lion King Show in Las Vegas

Lion King Show in Las Vegas

Over twenty years have passed since the day when The Lion King show on Broadway was first played. And still, it is a timeless piece of artistry, a real magical allure that keeps you thrilled and excited from the first moment you see the artists on the stage till the last one when the curtains close the stage. The very moment Rafiki‘s clarion calls the inhabitants of the pride lands to welcome their newborn prince, you get lost in the story. Once the iconic procession of animals starts, the human world disappears for you, loses its importance. The amazement and incredible whirlwind of emotions that start overwhelming you from the very first beats of the drums leave no hesitation that you are at the right place at the right time. Nothing else matters in this world, as long as you are enjoying The Lion King show in Las Vegas lavish theater hall.

Huge Fame of The Lion King Show in Las Vegas

The debut of The Lion King Broadway show was in 1997, only 3 years after the Disney film appeared on the big screen. Since then, the musical has won a Grammy, as many as 6 Tony Awards and around 70 major theater awards internationally! One doesn‘t have to be a genius to understand that only a real masterpiece could have been so honored around the globe! During all these years, The Lion King show in Las Vegas, New York, Europe and the whole world has attracted over 90 million audience members! This third-longest-running Broadway musical show that promises you 2 hours and 30 minutes of pure magic, is still one of the most popular shows Broadway ever produced! There is no The Lion King show in Las Vegas performed in a half-empty hall. Like the remarkable New York Times mentioned, “there is simply nothing else like The Lion King Show”! And if you haven’t yet witnessed the marvelous acting of the incredibly talented artists of The Lion King show in Las Vegas, you’d better hurry to book tickets online. Believe us, there is absolutely no chance you can buy a ticket right before the show. Book tickets for the musical show before you even head to Las Vegas. And don’t forget to take your kids with you if they are over 6 (a ticket per child). Let the kids enjoy one of the best days of their lives together with you and The Lion King show characters!

The Timeless Attractive Story

The story of The Lion King show in Las Vegas follows closely to the story-line of the well-known Disney film. It’s artfully and professionally realized on the stage. One simply can’t but gets engrossed in the magnificent play with so many bright characters walking past the audience! The clever use of mind-blowing costumes perfectly presents the beauty of African flora and fauna. Even the familiar plot of The Lion King show in Las Vegas won’t spoil your enjoyment. You will love the courage and wisdom of Mufasa, the passion and strength of Simba, the cheerfulness and determination of Nala, as well as all other amazing characters! Here is the cast of the talented artists performing them:

  • Bradley Gibson (Simba)
  • L. Steven Taylor (Mufasa)
  • Adrienne Walker (Nala)
  • Kenneth Aikens and Ramon Reed (young Simba characters)
  • Mikee Castillo and Demi Singleton (young Nala characters)
  • Tshidi Manye (Rafiki)
  • Stephen Carlile (Scar)
  • Cameron Pow (Zazu)
  • Fred Berman (Timon)
  • Ben Lipitz (Pumbaa)
  • Bonita J. Hamilton (Shenzi)

Set Pieces and Costumes

Beyond any doubts, one of the greatest merits of The Lion King show in Las Vegas are the set pieces and the costumes. The stage perfectly resembles African nature, as the set designer Richard Hudson did a grandiose job! The mere wildebeest scene is a very epic scene you can’t but admire.
What concerns the costumes and the puppetry extensions used, these are real masterpieces. It took costume designer Julie Taymor and her team over 37,000 hours to build the puppets and the masks for The Lion King show in Las Vegas! By the way, over 232 puppets are used in the show involving as rods and shadow so full-sized puppets. The tallest of them are the 18-feet-tall giraffes you can see in the song “I just can’t wait to be king”.

The Music

The moment the lights go down and the howl of the Circle or Life roars through the entire theater, a flood of childhood memories rushes over you. Besides the classic songs by Tim Rice and Elton John that you are well aware of, six indigenous African languages are used in the songs just as in the speeches of the animal characters. All this is accompanied by grandiose dances and spectacular acting of the artists.
So, book your tickets for The Lion King show in Las Vegas as it’s a perfect marriage of art and entertainment, as stated in the New York Daily News.

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